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Positively automates soft-sell interactions that reinforce positive impressions of you and your brand with your clients. Push tips, ideas, and encouragement to client email and social media accounts organically. It feels completely personal and natural to them, but is 100% controlled by you.


The Benefits

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Brand Reinforcement

Send tips, ideas, and encouragement to clients so when they think about you, they’ll think positively.


Rooted in Psychology

Small, consistent, and varied positive reinforcement creates a lasting impact over time and encourages more creativity.


Organic Delivery

Send media, links, and personalized thoughts through various communication channels using an algorithm that feels organic to your client.


Leverage Team Success

Share successful messages, memes and strategies with your team so they can do the same with their customers and aid their progress.


How it Works

1 Load a customer’s email and social media accounts into Positively

2 Create or select the soft-sell messages, links, tips, and memes that are most relevant to that customer

3 Pick your desired level of engagement, from casual prospect to ready-to-order

4 Let the Positively algorithm do its thing…organically emailing or posting to your customer’s accounts


Positive Impressions for Hundreds of Brands

We definitely noticed a change in our client relationships after our team started using Positively. They became less about arms-length sales and more about true partnership.

– ImagineMedia

Positively is positively genius! Automating the softer side of client relationships has dramatically improved our ability to engage clients with new ideas and products.

– SilverSmith Design

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