Don’t Let Relatives Take Over Your Plumbing Needs

There are all kinds of horror stories of people taking on plumbing problems by themselves. th-70However, sometimes you will get family members who think they should play a role in helping you to fix your plumbing problems. We know of one grandmother who was looking for Charleston SC Plumbers. After calling out a plumber and getting a quote, the grandmother went a long with the project. However, the grandson had heard that his grandmother had called a plumber. He rushed right over. He had a complete attitude with the plumber. The plumber had already started fixing the water heater. In fact, he had to order a water heater and he had the water heater already on the property. The grandson got out using profanity laced words towards the plumber thinking that the plumber was trying to rip her off. Of course, in this situation, he was not. After about 10 minutes of listening to the grandson, the plumber packed up the water heater and put it in his truck. The grandmother couldn’t believe her grandson had showed out. Plus, she now had to find another plumber to come and to do the same thing because the grandson had no clue of plumbing. The grandmother was furious after she called another plumber. The plumber came out and charged her twice as much as the other plumber. Lesson learned- leave relatives out of your plumbing needs. They can tend to cause as much harm as help.